Janitorial Products

Item Code Item Description
G10045 Mop & Bucket
G10085 Hand Wipes (80 Tub)
G60008 Paint Roller & Tray Kit 9"
G60009 Paint Brush 2"
G60010 Paint Brush 3"
G60011 Paint Brush 4"
G60012 Scouring Pad (Pack 10)
G60013 Wire Wall Balls
G60014 Jumbo Car Sponge
G60015 Wire Brush 4 Row
G60016 Wire Brush With Plastic Handle
G60017 Nail Bruch Plastic Double Sided
G60018 Builders Bucket 3 Gallon
G60019 Broom Soft 24"
G60020 Broom Hard 24"
G60021 Hand Brush Soft
G60022 Hand Brush Stiff
G60023 Dustpan and Brush Set