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Unit 3, Fordgate Business Park
Crabtree Manorway North
Kent DA17 6AS
Tel: 0208 594 4472
Our manufacturing facility uses the latest machining technology to produce highly specified items, however we believe ‘New’ is not always the best way, that is the reason we continue with the age old skills of traditional veneer preparing, with marquetry skill that are no longer used by many manufacturers, our veneering skills are taught in house as these skills are no longer taught in schools and colleges, this allow us to create beautiful designs and finishes with amazing matching effects
GPM Doors and Joinery
GPM Doors and Joinery
GPM Doors and Joinery
The art of slicing and preparing veneers goes back a long way. Early pieces of furniture were veneered using saw cut veneers which were quite thick, similar to our modern day constructional veneers about 3mm, today most of the veneers (although not all) are cut with a blade to about 0.6mm.

The old skills are alive at GPM Group. We still produce the complicated patterns and inlays that came out of the East End of London before the war. We are very fortunate to have two presses and the capacity for larger pieces of work. The choice of veneers is endless... we can arrange for our clients to visit our local veneering warehouses to hand select their own veneers for a truly unique piece.

By setting ourselves apart from the mass market manufacturers we pride ourselves on our hand selection of all our Wood Veneers from local London Merchants giving us full control over quality, colour, grain and continuity of timbers
  • Book Matching as standard
  • Random Matching
  • Feathered
  • Slip Matching
  • Elaborate Inlay Marquetry